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'93 Mumbai Blasts' Convict Yakub's Essay Says 'We' Are One Big Family 'India'

Published: 25th July 2015 12:07 PM | Last Updated: 25th July 2015 01:35 PM

Yakub Menon, a convict of Mumbai serial blasts wrote an essay praising the way Indian constitution has brought unity in diversity in the nation.

Yakub Menon, a convict of Mumbai serial blasts, who might be hanged to death on July 30, wrote an essay expressing his absolute trust in the Indian constitution. "Constitution of India reflects unity in diversity," was the title of the essay Yakub wrote on November 26, 2013 in an essay competition organized by the Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Yakub's death sentence was backed by the Supreme Court of India in the same year. Yakub's essay reads: "The need of the hour is to see that each of us 'WE' must think himself/herself to be a member of one family i.e. India. We should be considerate to lesser privileged. We must learn to tolerate and love each other as a family member, keeping with our tradition we should love all nations and become citizens of this global village — one great family. Each of us should play our role properly, sincerely and truly, otherwise this great constitution will remain on paper only."

The convict of the Mumbai serial blasts who is currently kept at the Tihar Jail got "A-grade" for the essay but could not qualify for the prize as the essay exceeded the given word limit. Although any good student could have managed to scramble the words in order to write such an essay, but ironically the word of peace and unity came from the person convicted for being involved in the heinous terror acts during the Mumbai serial blasts in 1993. Yakub has also mentioned in his essay that how the Constitution of India has done away with the British communal policies, cutting down the communal gaps in the nation. 

Yakub Memon
In the essay referring to the Constitution of India he wrote, "Reducing the wide gap between the people of India created by the British policy of divide and rule……." He further wrote, "The way national highways connect far and remote regions of your country, the articles of our Constitution connect us literally and figuratively." Yakub has also pointed out the ill practices of the people of India: "In spite of a great Constitution, greed and corruption are posing a threat to unity and India's reputation as a civilized nation. People of India need moral and spiritual cleansing to see that we do not succumb to the evil of greed and corruption.".

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2015/jul/25/93-Mumbai-Blasts-Convict-Yakubs-Essay-Says-We-Are-One-Big-Family-India-791451.html (Accessed on 18 December 2018)

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