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Convict who dodged noose for 12 years dies (Tamil Nadu)

Published: 19th May 2016 06:12 AM 
By Express News Service

COIMBATORE: A 58-year-old convict, who had been sentenced to death and later had his sentence commuted to life in prison, died after suffering from chest pain in Coimbatore prison on Wednesday. The man was convicted for murdering five members of his extended family in Erode district in May 1984. The deceased convict R Govindasamy (58) was lodged in Coimbatore Central Prison. Sources said that Govindasamy, a resident of Sathyamangalam in Erode district, had murdered five members of his uncle’s family on May 29, 1984. He had slit the throats of his uncle Nagamalai Gounder, uncle’s wife and their two sons, and also attacked Nagamalai Gounder’s daughter.

In 1985, an Erode court had acquitted him for lack of evidence. The Government appealed the verdict in the Madras High Court, which sentenced him to death in 1997. He was initially imprisoned at Puzhal Prison, later shifted to Vellore and then finally lodged in Coimbatore prison. Govindasamy had appealed the sentence in the Supreme Court, which upheld his sentence. He had then appealed to the State Government and had sought clemency in a letter to the President’s office. 

However, his pleas were rejected. He was set to be hanged in 1999, but he managed to dodge the hangman’s noose after he made repeated appeals to the HC and SC untill 2009. In 2009, the President of India commuted his death sentence to rigorous life imprisonment till his death. On Tuesday, after spending the best part of two decades in prison, and working at a book binding unit there, he complained of chest pains. He was taken to the prison hospital. He was later shifted to the CMCH, where he was declared brought dead. 

Source: (Accessed 20 December 2018)

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