Friday, May 29, 2015

Death sentence: How the ropes used in EXECUTION are tested? | May 28, 2015, 11:10AM IST

New Delhi: Supreme Court has said that convicts can't be hanged secretly and hurriedly. The apex court has ruled that the execution of death sentence cannot be carried out in an arbitrary, hurried and secret manner without allowing death row convicts all legal remedies and meet family members.

A lot of efforts are made to ensure that execution is carried out in accordance with the law. It is highly important the rope used in the execution is of top quality and tested before the execution.

Here are the details given in 'Consultation paper on mode of execution of death sentence' by Law Commission of India: 
A Manilla rope one inch in diameter shall be used for executions. At least two such ropes in serviceable condition shall be maintained at every jail where executions are liable to take place.

The rope should be 19 feet in length, well twisted, and fully stretched. It should be of equal thickness, capable of passing readily through the noose-ring and sufficiently strong to bear a strain of 280 lbs. with a 7 foot drop.

Source: [last accessed 29.05.2015]

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