Saturday, September 8, 2012

28-yr-old sentenced to death for killing parents, pregnant wife to marry lover

A man was sentenced to death on Tuesday for killing his pregnant wife and foster parents. Nitin Verma (28) killed them because he wanted to marry a neighbour. Holding that Verma was a “menace to society”, Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat said life imprisonment was “inadequate punishment” for his crime. Verma had repeatedly stabbed his handicapped father, mother and his six-month pregnant wife to death in April 2008. “There was no justification for the convict to commit the grotesque killings. The convict appears to be without any remorse,” said the judge. The court said Verma had stabbed them brutally and deserved no leniency. It also noted that the murders seemed methodical and planned, with Verma first killing his father on the ground floor of the house, then his mother on the first floor before rushing to his room to kill his wife. Public Prosecutor Aditya Chauhan had pleaded with the court to sentence Verma to death as he had murdered his aged parents and his wife in “a brutal and diabolic manner”. “Verma was in a dominating position in his family. All family members were at his mercy. This calls for harsher punishment. Verma was morally and legally bound to take care of his family, but instead murdered them in a brutal and barbaric manner,” the court said. “The convict wiped out his whole family to continue his liaison with a girl and to marry her. Nitin is awarded death sentence under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code,” it said. Verma had been adopted by his parents when he was a child. “When he did not spare his own parents and wife, what respect would he show for the lives of others? The convict is like a live bomb, which has the potential of causing a huge catastrophe if not destroyed at the earliest,” the court said. Source: [accessed on 8th September 2012]

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