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Monday, May 25, 2009

Tears of Blood written by Death row inmate

This is an article written by Santosh Bariyar who was on death row. Very recently his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court.

(Translation of Hindi)
To hang a person to death after death sentence is given and to wait for the punishment to occur are two different things. If we are given death sentence immediately then all the complaints, sadness are gone in a while, even the family cries for some time and then get back to normal life.

But waiting for this sentence for a long period is a sad thing. We can feel the noose around our neck all the while. Sometimes we are also hopeful that we will be able to live life. But there are also times when my whole body shivers when I think of about being hanged. After all what can we do? We have to live life smiling or by crying… atleast for the family we have to smile.

More than us it is our family that goes through this mental agony. They must be thinking day and night when our child will be freed from this trap. Keeping the small child in mind, they make good food during festivals but neither my parents nor my wife can eat a morsel of it. How do they face the neighbours and society everyday? They all must be thinking that, “Their son or her husband must be a ruthless criminal or else why would the State give him death penalty?” our family must be listening to all the taunts of the society and must be crying for us day and night. Thinking about our family my heart cries out tears of blood…but what can we do? We cannot do anything afterall…

We have placed all these sorrows in our hearts and have made them the strength to move on ahead with life. We also have tiny hope that someday our country or the leaders of our country will also take into consideration sinners like us. We will be fortunate if one day we are allowed to return to the society?

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